Interviewer: In regard to DWI specifically, what do you feel you’re able to bring to the table that’s different vs. other attorneys and particularly suited to help someone?

What Has The Attorney Learned While Practicing? Experience And Knowledge Are Important Attributes To Acquire.

Martin Kane: I have gained a lot of experience and a lot of knowledge defending DWI charges. I possess a very strong desire to get the very best possible result for my clients.

I want to make sure that any client that I represent is going to get the best possible legal representation. No lawyer can promise anything other than that because the lawyer is not the one who makes the final decision. I have to feel that any case I handle, that I have done the utmost and the very best that can be done for that client.

An Attorney Who Offers A Low Fee May Be Looking To Dispose Of The Case As Soon As Possible

Unfortunately, that is not always true with some attorneys. There are attorneys who take a case at a very low fee because they are simply going to go into court and take the first offer that’s given to them. They are not going to present very much that’s going to change that offer.

The Only Guarantee The Attorney Should Offer Is That He Or She Will Fight As Hard As Possible For You

They certainly are not likely, for that minimal fee, to go in there and go through every single time-consuming step that one can do in a case. We don’t give any client any guarantees of anything. No lawyer can do that. What we do guarantee is that we are going to work and fight hard for our clients.

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