I am Martin Kane and I may be the luckiest person you ever get to meet. I’ve led a life filled with adventure, I have a great wife and three wonderful children, and I even have a couple of grandkids. And for more than forty years, I’ve been paid for doing what I love. I’m a criminal lawyer in Queens County. And a very good one.

My path to my dream career as a criminal lawyer didn’t follow the usual path. I went to Columbia College for my BA degree and then to New York University School of Law. Both of them are ranked among the best in the nation and their law school graduates typically take jobs in BigLaw firms for big bucks. I wanted something different and went to work for a nationally prominent criminal lawyer. Right away, I was thrown into the fire, participating in major cases and quickly becoming qualified to try cases on my own. The most important thing I learned was that successful defense of a criminal case was never an accident. You had to know more, think faster and, most importantly, you had to work harder and be better prepared than the prosecutor. You also had to know and understand your client, which means you must COMMUNICATE. Your client’s future, sometimes their life, is on the line. They need and deserve to understand and participate in every step you take in their case. A criminal lawyer who doesn’t understand that should find another field.

After seven years, I had developed the skills and reputation to form my own firm, THE LAW OFFICE OF MARTIN D. KANE. We opened our office directly across the street from the Queens Criminal Court Building and, more than forty years later, we’re still in the same place and I’m still getting paid for doing what I love. I’ve handled thousands of criminal cases from Murder to Disorderly Conduct and I’ve tried over four hundred cases to verdict, mostly successfully. Of the thirteen murder cases I’ve actually tried, the defendant was found not guilty of murder in twelve of them. The one case resulting in a murder conviction was overturned on appeal. In the real world, most criminal cases are settled by a negotiated plea or dismissal on technical grounds. Our reputation for competence and credibility helps to obtain the best dispositions possible.

Being a Queens criminal lawyer is not a placid, comfortable office job and that’s precisely why I love it. Often, you’re in court fighting for your client and you have to think on your feet. It can be gut-wrenching and it’s not for the faint of heart. My non-professional avocations may give a clue as to whether I can handle pressure in court. I’m a licensed multi-engine instrument rated pilot with over three thousand hours as pilot-in-command. I’ve piloted a single-engine plane across the Atlantic Ocean and back without usable radio navigation. I’ve dealt with engine failure (fortunately not over the North Atlantic), a blown-out windshield courtesy of a collision with a high-flying goose, and sundry other airborne emergencies. My other avocation is wildlife and underwater photography. If you visit my office, you’ll see close-up photos of lions, leopards, rhinos, etc. You’ll even see an ultra closeup of a cheetah that somehow jumped in my vehicle on the Serengeti. On another wall, you’ll see close-up photos of bull sharks taken while scuba diving. I can handle pressure.

If you’ve been charged or are being investigated for any criminal offense, particularly in Queens, you can contact us at any time, any day of the week. (If you call at 3 a.m. you just might have to leave a voicemail.) I’m happy to discuss your case with absolutely no obligation and you can reach your own decision as to whether I’m the right lawyer for you. Cost of representation is important for most people and I try to charge a reasonable fee consistent with excellent representation. In most cases, I can quote a fixed fee with no additional charges for so-called “additional court appearances.” I look forward to hearing from you.

Areas of Practice

  • 100% Criminal Defense including:
  • Homicide
  • Airport Firearms arrests at JFK and LGA
  • Domestic Violence
  • Theft and Robbery
  • Sex Crimes
  • Assault Crimes
  • Airport crimes
  • Driving While Intoxicated/Impaired
  • Drug Charges
  • Criminal Appeals
  • Serious Vehicular Charges


  • Columbia University - B.A.
  • New York University School of Law - J.D

Bar Associations

  • New York State Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • Queens County Bar Association
  • Queens Criminal Courts Bar Association
  • National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • Lawyer-Pilots Bar Association

Client Reviews

Mr. Kane is extremely knowledgeable about the law. He always took the time to talk with me and explain things about my case from our first phone conversation to my court appearance. I could say that Mr. Kane...

Kathleen U.

Mr. Kane is an intelligent and resourceful lawyer. He is knowledgeable and caring. Mr. Kane has helped my family on numerous occasions and I am very grateful. You cannot go wrong with him as your attorney.

Maggie G.

We came to Mr. kane to get legal representation for our grandson. From the very outset, we were all very comfortable with him. He is very insightful and provides the needed consolation without losing touch with...

Lee L.

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