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Criminal Defense FAQs (Videos)

How Do I Know Where a Friend or a Family Member Has Been Taken After an Arrest?
Will My Lawyer View Discovery Prior to Entering a Plea in a Criminal Case?
Why Have I Not Been Charged Yet if I Was Arrested a Week Ago?
At What Point in a Criminal Case Do I Have to Enter a Guilty or Not Guilty Plea?
What Are the Different Types of Pleas in a Criminal Case?
How Important Is Discovery in a DWI or Criminal Case?
What Type of Evidence Is Generally Available in Discovery in a Criminal Case?
Is It Always a Good Idea to Hire an Aggressive Attorney?
Biggest Mistake People Make When Hiring a Criminal Attorney
Do People Hesitate in Hiring an Attorney for Fear of Looking Guilty?
What Sets the Law Office of Martin D. Kane Apart in Handling Criminal Cases?
Main Differences Between a Misdemeanor and a Felony Charge in NY
How Can People Avoid Incrimination After Being Arrested for a Crime?
What Should a Person Expect if Considering to Plead Guilty in Court?
Can an Attorney Help My Friend or Family Member Get Out of Jail Immediately?

Domestic Violence:

How Is Domestic Violence Defined in New York?
Should I Ask My Spouse to Recant False Allegations Made Against Me?
What Restrictions Will I Face After Being Arrested for and Charged With Domestic Violence?
Does Someone Have to Be Physically Injured in Order for an Assault Charge to Be Brought?
What Are Some Potential Defense Strategies Employed In Assault Cases? Can Self Defense Be Employed?
Can the Accuser Have the Charges Dropped Against the Accused?
If the Alleged Victim Wants to Recant, Does It Benefit the Defense?
What Are Certain Issues About Domestic Violence Cases in New York?
Should I Worry About Prior Incidents Being Brought Up in a Pending Domestic Violence Case?
Is It Fair to Say That Self-Defense Is a Good Defense in Domestic Violence Cases?

Firearm Possession:

Are Firearm Possession Charges in New York Misdemeanors or Felonies in Nature?
Consequences of Having a Gun Possession Conviction on Record in New York
What Is the Typical Scenario When a Firearm Is Discovered at an Airport?
What Are People Actually Charged With for Handgun Possession in New York?

Assault Charges:

How Can Assault Charges Be Enhanced or Aggravated in New York?
Does Someone Have to Be Physically Injured to Bring Up Assault Charges?
What Sets the Law Office of Martin D. Kane Apart in Handling Assault Cases in NY?
Can I Negotiate Directly With the District Attorney Regarding Assault Charges?
Are There Any Alternative Programs Available for Assault Offenders?
What Happens if the Alleged Victim Retracts Allegations or Does Not Want to Press Charges?

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We came to Mr. kane to get legal representation for our grandson. From the very outset, we were all very comfortable with him. He is very insightful and provides the needed consolation without losing touch with...

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