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What Are Some Additional Legal Expenses in a Criminal Case?

In the vast majority of cases, there are no expenses incurred other than the legal fee paid to your attorney. In some cases, we may decide to hire a private investigator and the client will of course have to pay for that. In an even smaller number of cases we might need an expert witness, perhaps a handwriting expert, or a polygraph technician. There are many kinds of different special experts that we sometimes need to hire. Hiring of additional experts is not commonly needed, but when it is the client must pay for this. Of course all of these details are discussed in advance before any money is laid out for these types of additional expenses.

How Many Criminal Cases Does Your Firm Take On Each Year At A Time?

We usually handle between 50 to 75 criminal cases per year, some of which are minor cases that don’t require an excessive amount of time or work. Others cases may be detailed and involve a significant amount of work. It is important to note however that I never take on more than I can confidently handle. Usually there are no more than 10 to 15 cases on my calendar at any one time.

How Do You Remain Up To Date On Changing Laws And Procedures In Criminal Defense Cases?

During the year I go to many conferences in order to stay up to date on changing laws and procedures in criminal defense. Sometimes I take courses in various aspects of criminal law that are provided by the bar association, by law schools, and various other places. We stay on top of the ever-changing criminal laws and procedures, particularly in areas such as search and seizure and other procedural issues. It’s extremely important for any criminal lawyer to be well informed regarding those matters, and I certainly am. In fact, sometimes I even teach courses in these fields to other attorneys.

Do You Belong To Any Lawyer’s Organizations? Do You Have Specific Training Or Certifications?

First of all, it is important to note, that, contrary to what people may have heard, there is no such thing as a certification for a criminal lawyer in New York. Whereas a medical doctor may be certified as a surgeon or a cardiologist, the practice of law does not do that except for maritime and patent lawyers. There is no way to be “certified” as a criminal lawyer. However, regarding my training and experience, I belong to various organizations including the Queens County Bar Association, the Queens Criminal Court Bar Association, and the New York State Criminal Lawyers Association. Additionally, I belong to the Flying Lawyers of America, which is an organization for lawyers who are also pilots, but that doesn’t generally enter into the practice of criminal law.

How Often Do You Appear At The Courthouse Where My Case May Be Heard?

I am a Queens’ criminal attorney and my practice is exclusively criminal law. My practice is based in Queens County and the majority of my cases are in the Queen’s criminal courts, which are right across the street from my office. I am in those courts just about every day. I also appear frequently in other courts in New York City and in Nassau County, but approximately 75% of the cases I handle are in Queens, in the Queens’ criminal courts. I am in these courts on a regular and steady basis.

How Familiar Are You With The Judges And Prosecutors Involved In My Criminal Case?

Since I am a Queens’ criminal attorney and I am in those courts every day and have been for 40 years, I’m very familiar with almost all of the prosecutors and judges that would be involved in anyone’s case. Regarding the prosecutors, most of the people that I know well are in supervisory positions in the DA’s office and they are the ones who make the decisions as to how a case is handled. It should be stated, however, and understood by anybody hiring a criminal attorney, that simply because someone knows judges and prosecutors does not in any way mean that they will do anything special for you, nor should they. Sometimes attorneys will hint that because they know the judges so well that they are going to be treated specially; this is not the case.

The advantage of being well known and well thought of in the courts is that you carry credibility. When a lawyer is well respected, any suggestions she or he makes to the DA regarding how a case should be handled will likely be taken more seriously. But by all means, never believe that simply because your attorney is friends with prosecutors and judges that it will mean that they are going to do anything special for you or your attorney at all. That’s never going to happen nor should it.

Additional Information On Retaining A Criminal Defense Attorney

In regard to choosing and retaining a criminal defense attorney, I would say that your choice of a criminal attorney is every bit as important as your choice of the right surgeon if you were to need an operation. You want to be certain that you are getting an attorney who is acutely familiar with the practice of law in your particular jurisdiction, and in my case, that would be largely as a Queens’ criminal attorney. I am very active in the Queens courts. You want to make sure that the attorney you choose has a good background, has established him or herself, and has a great reputation. Most importantly, when you choose an attorney, make sure that you feel comfortable with that person because everyone is different and this is the person that is going to walk with you through one of the most important challenges in your life. You want to be absolutely certain you feel comfortable and confident with the attorney you choose. Never rush into this decision. And never choose an attorney because they are the cheapest you can find; this will not serve you well! Get the best attorney you can possibly afford.

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