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Do You Recommend Pre-Trial Counseling for Your Clients?

Pre-trial counseling certainly can’t hurt. Generally, the court’s going to recommend the treatment that it feels is best, but oftentimes if I go in there with someone who’s in a recognized and effective drug program and is working the steps, the court and the DA will agree to continue that treatment. So it’s never a bad idea, under any circumstances that I can think of, to start doing something as quickly as possible. Frequently, we will recommend to a client, right at the beginning, to enter a specific program.

How Often Can Drug Charges Be Dropped, Dismissed Or Reduced In New York?

When I started practicing criminal law in Queens County, there was literally no relief available in terms of a reduced or dismissed charge. There were very few drug treatment programs, and those that were out there weren’t terribly effective. Over the years there have been more and more options available for drug offenders, and it’s increasingly recognized that this is the best way to treat people. In fact, there have been changes in the law that allow treatment for people who have committed non-drug crimes under the influence of or because of drug issues. So I would say that these days a good lawyer will almost certainly, in the right circumstances, get his client into an effective drug program that’s going to wind up either greatly reducing or eliminating the charges.

What Sets You And Your Firm Apart In Handling Drug-Related Cases?

We’ve been practicing criminal law in Queens County for decades. We specifically know what the courts and the DAs are looking for in terms of treatment and other circumstances relating to drug cases. So we have a good handle on what’s going to work, most specifically in the Queens criminal court, because we’re so familiar with it. So to anybody looking for a lawyer for a drug case in Queens County, , I would strongly suggest that you get somebody who is very familiar with the drug practice in Queens County; it will make a difference.

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