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What to Expect During Your First Meeting With a Lawyer

After the attorney knows as much as possible about the case, he would tell the client what the procedure would be, how these cases proceed through the court, what the different issues might be and how to attack them, and how to gather the information that would be needed for the case to be presented in the best possible way.

Would Someone Get The Same Result As Their Friend If They Did What They Did In Their DWI Case?

If everything was exactly the same as the friend’s case, and assuming it was a disposition rather than a trial, and every item was exactly the same, then theoretically the person would be able to get exactly the same result, although it really does not work that way because no two cases are exactly the same. A person’s background may be different than their friend’s. The circumstances of how the person got arrested would be different than their friend’s, along with the blood alcohol reading, how they did in terms of the observations the officer made and the tests that were administered. It would almost be impossible for any two cases to be the same, because they might even be in different jurisdictions.

A look over different parts of the case would reveal more important differences than just other jurisdictions, and there might be things that the District Attorney would see as being more serious in Queens County, which might be different in Manhattan. It would be almost impossible to say that any two cases were the same. Even if two counties were somehow exactly the same, the person would be dealing with a different judge and a different district attorney, and they would have to handle each situation individually, so, a person really would not be able to go by what happened to their friend.

Can Someone Fire Their Attorney And Get Someone Else In The Middle Of The Proceedings?

Absolutely, and this is something that happens all the time. Some clients who come to me are dissatisfied with their previous attorney and they are perfectly free to change their lawyer if they want to. The prior lawyer would be entitled to be paid for the time and work he had put into the case, and nothing more or less than that. Anyone is free to change lawyers at any time if they feel they are not being represented to their satisfaction.

Is Reading Testimonials A Good Way To Determine If The Attorney Is The Right Choice?

Some people swear by them, although I personally do not. I might have a couple of them on my website, only because these were clients who actually insisted they wanted to say something nice about me, and it is something that people can read on the website. I could get hundreds of testimonials if I asked clients for them, but obviously like anybody else I would only put the good ones up there so it would not really serve very much purpose. Particularly in a field like this where people have a lot of choices about which attorney to use, I would think that a person would be more interested in how many negative comments there were online about an attorney and how many people were motivated to say something really bad. I am very lucky because I have never seen anybody say anything negative about me online or in any publication; I have certainly been quoted in many publications, but nobody has ever said anything bad about me, which to me is probably more important.

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