Police officers are required to follow proper procedure during all stages of a DWI stop. They must have probable cause for pulling you over, they must administer field sobriety tests accurately, and the tests must be interpreted properly. All of these stages possess room for errors, inconsistencies and illegalities. The Law Office of Martin D. Kane has 40 years of experience identifying errors, inconsistencies and illegalities to build strong defenses for our clients.

The Law Office of Martin D. Kane has provided skilled DWI defense services for individuals throughout Queens County, New York, since 1971. Our Queens DWI defense lawyer has significant experience protecting his clients’ rights and minimizing the consequences of a drunk driving conviction.

What Happens During And After The Traffic Stop?

The events that occur during and after the DWI traffic stop are integral to your defense. The field sobriety tests establish probable cause. The field sobriety tests are not videotaped — therefore, the police officer makes the call to make the arrest. If probable cause is established, the individual is then taken to the precinct where the Breathalyzer test is administered.

Should I Take A Field Sobriety Test?

Field sobriety tests that are used to determine whether probable cause exists to make an arrest include:

  • The horizontal gaze nystagmus test
  • Head-tilt test
  • Finger-to-nose test
  • One-leg balance test
  • Heal-to-toe test
  • ABCs test
  • Counting test

You do have the right to refuse to take field sobriety tests; however, if you do take them, our firm can analyze the tests for errors and inconsistencies.

Our Queens breath test lawyer’s opinion is that you should almost always agree to take the Breathalyzer test. If you do not take it, your driver’s license will be revoked for a minimum of six months. Additionally, you will not be eligible for a drinking and driving program. The drinking and driving program can help get your driving privileges reinstated sooner than six months.

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