In recent years, law enforcement has cracked down on Internet sex crimes. You could be charged with an Internet sex crime for downloading or uploading child pornography, emailing a minor to solicit sex, or sending lewd photographs to minors online. If you have been accused of an Internet sex crime, The Law Office of Martin D. Kane is here to protect you from facing potential devastating consequences.

Attorney Martin D. Kane has provided comprehensive and aggressive criminal defense services in Queens, New York, since 1971. If you need an experienced Internet sex crimes attorney to defend you against the charges and discredit the allegations, contact our Queens office at 718-793-5700. Martin D. Kane can be your strongest ally.

Online Solicitation Of A Minor Cases

The Law Office of Martin D. Kane will thoroughly and vigorously defend your Internet sex crime case. We are prepared to strategize a defense for a variety of sex crime situations involving the use of the web. You might get involved in an Internet sex crime in a couple different ways:

  • Internet pornography: Child pornography images may be found on your computer if they have been downloaded from websites or uploaded from your computer. They may also be stored on your computer through hacking or computer viruses from the Internet.
  • Online solicitation of a minor: Online solicitation involves contacting a minor through email, chat rooms and other forms of online social networking with the purpose of enticing the minor to commit sexual acts. A physical act does not need to occur. You can be charged with an Internet sex crime for words alone.

Our firm will carefully investigate your case so that we may raise defenses such as a hacking, credit card fraud or identity theft. We want to build you a solid defense so that you will not have to face severe consequences. If convicted of a sex crime, you risk fines, prison time and a social stigma that will follow you for the rest of your life. We strive to minimize these consequences.

Contact A Lawyer Experienced In Handling Child Pornography Cases

The Law Office of Martin D. Kane has an experienced attorney who is ready to discuss your options to fight Internet sex crime charges. To schedule a free consultation with a Queens sexual assault attorney, contact our law firm at (718) 793-5700.

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